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We've developed a collection of recipes using Jamie's Farm granola so you can get creative and inspired in the kitchen.

bumble & butter jamie's farm new york granola Grain Quinoa Porridge Healthy Delicious Breakfast Easy To make

black tea quinoa porridge with coconut cream & balsamic roasted strawberries

Pure, warm comfort in a bowl. Bring on the granola.

Jamie's Farm New York - Roasted Carrot Recipe with Lemon greek Yogurt and Carrot Pesto, Organic, Local, Regenerative Agriculture, Healthy, Simple Dinners

Lemon-Roasted Carrots with Carrot Top Pesto & Rosemary Granola

Elevate your vegetables with a pop of flavor and crunch.

Jamie's Farm New York Recipes | Roasted Peach and Basil Ice Cream with Aged Cheddar Granola | Gluten-Free, Ice Cream Sundaes, Homemade Ice Cream

Roasted Peach & Basil Ice Cream with Aged Cheddar Granola

🍑 + 🧀  = amazing pairing. Say hello to summer.

Jamie's Farm New York | Aged Cheddar Granola with Black Pepper, Savory & Sweet, Award-winning, Chef-Driven, 3 Michelin Star Trained in NYC
Aged Cheddar Granola

Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Aged Cheddar Granola

Our favorite way to eat sugar snap peas means fresh lemon and mint, topped with our Aged Cheddar Granola for a gluten-free crunch.

how to make coconut yogurt simple gluten-free dairy-free healthy granola honeycomb local new york jamie's farm bumble & butter

How to make Coconut Yogurt (only 2 ingredients!) 🥣

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Jamie's Farm Apple and Aged Cheddar Granola Crisp
Aged Cheddar Granola

Apple & Cheddar Granola Crisp

🍎+ 🧀 = marvelous pairing. Especially in the form of a baked apple crisp.

Jamie's Farm Granola - Rosemary with Zante Currants, Gluten-Free, Baked with Grass-fed Ghee, What to do with stale granola - frozen yogurt ice cream summer recipe honey sea salt olive oil
Rosemary Granola

honey sea salt frozen yogurt with rosemary granola

Our Rosemary Granola adds an elegant touch to this frozen greek yogurt lightly sweetened with floral honey. Finished off with a touch of sea salt for balanced flavor.

Peach Cobbler with Granola Topping

Peach Cobbler with Granola Topping

This peach ginger cobbler highlights fresh, juicy summer peaches with a hint of spicy ginger. Top it with any of our granolas and serve warm with ice cream.

Jamie's Farm Granola - Gluten-Free Crumb Topping Replacement for Panko Crumbs, baked onto Mac & Cheese with Gruyere in a Cast Iron Skillet
Aged Cheddar Granola

Baked Mac & Cheese with Truffle Granola

We replace the breadcrumbs with our granola for a fantastic crunch.

Jamie's farm granola bumble & butter how to make the best award-winning scones bakery ovenly rosemary currant aged cheddar vanilla bean and sour cherries sofi award-winning gluten free healthy brooklyn

How to Make the Best Scones

We've perfected the recipe. Make these fresh, warm scones now.

one ingredient shortbread oatmeal cookies bumble & butter ghee butter recipe homemade baking gluten free
Aged Cheddar Granola

one-ingredient granola shortbread cookies

These shortbread cookies are super light, flakey, and buttery, but most importantly, requires only one ingredient - our granola.  

The Ultimate Guide: Master the Art of Making Yogurt and Kefir at Home
Rosemary Granola

The Ultimate Guide: Master the Art of Making Yogurt and Kefir at Home

Making yogurt and kefir is super simple to make at home. All you need is milk and a little bit of yogurt to kickstart the fermentation process.