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Small Batch Club:


Featuring new flavors every season and exciting local collaborations. If you're a granola lover, this crunchy exclusive club is for you.


Our Spring Batch

This season's all about florals and soothing aromas, welcoming you into the cheeriness of spring.

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Summer Sale

Our best deal yet— take 25% off* all our delicious granolas with code GRANOLACREW. Ends 7/5.

*exclusions apply.

How it works

Super limited, innovative small batch granola shipped directly to your doorstep every 3 months.

Sign up & Subscribe

Choose between a quarterly or 1-year pre-paid plan. Both plans come with our exclusive small batch granolas. Our 1-year plan comes with a third granola from our permanent collection.

Wait for your Batch

We ship each Batch on the 15th of the month every quarter. If you sign up after the 15th, we'll send you that month's Batch immediately.

Enjoy your Perks

Celebrate every season with 2 new granolas and enjoy exclusive benefits as a Small Batch Club Member like discounts and VIP status.

Customer Reviews


I would like S'more of this!

This is truly one of the greatest granolas I have ever tasted. And while I feel like that could be the opening line of just about every Jamie's Farm flavor review, this one absolutely blew my mind. Somewhere between snack and dessert, but yet not very sweet at all. I will simply tell you that my bag from the Small Batch Club wasn't even gone yet when I ordered six more bags. It truly is spectacular.

- Kristin


Love the Club

So delicious! It’s like having a surprise gift in the pantry every day. Thank you!

- Mary Beth


Worth it!

Honestly, I'm kinda lazy, so being a member automates being able to try new flavors.

- Diane

Small Batch Club


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We're here from M-F to give you the crunchiest, friendliest service!

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Feel good about your thoughtful purchase & the producers you're supporting!