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Our goal is to elevate your pantry with curiosity and flavor, using business as a means to encourage sustainable, local, & equitable agriculture— all through the humble platform of granola. 

We believe that knowing where your food comes from creates a more compassionate world, and has the ability to change the way we eat. 

Jamie's Farm New York Granola | Award-Winning, Baked with Grass-fed Ghee, Gluten-Free, Supporting Local Farmers, Artisans | Eleven Madison Park Granola

It Starts on a College Campus

In the spring of 2017, I set out to create a better granola. I had been cooking and gifting experimental granolas to my friends since high school, playing with unique ingredients and obsessing over technique.

When I got to college and strolled through my local grocery stores, I realized the granola on the market was overly dry and hard, and flavors that didn't quite excite.

So, I began baking granola out of my dorm, using real ingredients from real people I knew: beekeepers, artisans, and farmers. Like any good secret, word spread across campus, and soon enough, even the non-granola eaters were convinced. The rest is history!

3 Michelin-Star Trained  Made with Heart & Soil

Before granola, I spent my high school summers working at world-famous, 3 Michelin star restaurant in NYC, where the concept of savory granola was no stranger in the culinary world.

We take inspiration for our granolas from anything and everything. Savory, sweet, spicy. There are no rulesonly experimentation. And we're only getting started.

This is honest and crunchy granola, made by honest and crunchy people. Our products are playful experiments in texture, with a chef's focus on flavor. Delicately crunchy with layers of flavor; sweet & savory with a touch of soil.

Jamie Kim, Founder of Jamie's Farm New York | Award-winning Granolas made with Locally Sourced Ingredients & Grass-fed Ghee | Eleven Madison Park Granola


It's Never Just Been About Granola.

I originally started making granola to give as gifts to family and friends - it wasn't meant to be a business. Over time, it's become a way to connect with our community, to celebrate the incredible ingredients from a strong network of artisans, growers, and farmers, and to allow us to live a more thoughtful and interconnected lifestyle, benefiting our minds and our earth.


Welcome to Jamie's Farm!