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Using granola as a platform, we create and share experiences that inspire and connect us all.

At Jamie's Farm, we are more than granola: we bring people together, give back to the community, and innovate with creative flavors to elevate your everyday.

Our Farm Story

It all began in high school. While spending summers working at a 3 Michelin star restaurant, Jamie loved cooking for her friends and family, experimenting with everything from homemade sourdough to ice cream. But it was granola, their favorite snack, that they kept asking for.

It wasn't until college that she realized the lack of quality granola options in the grocery aisle. So, she did what any granola lover would do—she started making her own again!

Jamie's Farm Upstate New York Gluten-Free and Organic Local Granola NYC

From one bowl to the next

From picking up 50 pound blocks of butter at local dairy farms, to making dinner with beekeepers, Jamie got to know the stories behind each and every ingredient and the people making them.

While sharing granolas with more people in her community, word quickly spread..and the rest is history!

Rooted in humble beginnings, our granola is made the same way we first started.

Since 2017, this college-born hobby has slowly grown into a full-fledged business! We're a tiny team that shows that small businesses can make BIG impact—we're proud to say we've shared our granolas with thousands of customers across the country, are members of our community, and have won numerous awards for our granola!

Our Process

We hand-select our ingredients.

We're passionate about crafting truly exceptional granolas, and that all starts with sourcing the best ingredients. From our tart and juicy sour cherries to our premium vanilla beans, we go the extra mile to ensure that every ingredient we use is of the highest quality.

We focus on community.

Food is more than sustenance - it's about bringing people together. That's why we put community first and try to work with local producers whenever possible. We obsess over the stories behind our ingredients and build relationships with those who go above and beyond.

We bake for the love of good food.

Our granolas are made with layers of flavor because we believe every part of your day should be delicious. Every bite of Jamie's Farm granola is a celebration of joy and flavor.

We never stop inventing.

We like to say granola is our artistic medium— through its canvas, we get to experiment and play with new ingredients. We create timeless classics, while introducing new and exciting flavors every season for you to enjoy.

See all our flavors!

Is there a farm?

Our granola is a reflection of our vibrant community and the shared passion we have for creating something truly exceptional. While we don't have a physical farm yet, our dream is to make that a reality :)