Jamie's Farm Cheddar Granola Discontinued

Hello friends and family!

We are sad to announce that our Cheddar Granola has been discontinued as of June 2022. 

It was one of the original 3 flavors I created when I started the business in 2017. My hope was to introduce the concept of savory granolas to more people to push the boundaries of what granola can be! Savory granola is amazing as a snack straight out of the bag (like chips or popcorn), on cheeseboards, or on salads or soups in place of croutons. I saw a lot of chefs using savory granola as a way to add texture to dishes while I was working in the hospitality industry.

The people who loved cheddar granola LOVED it. In fact, it was one of our most widely-used search terms! Ultimately, we decided to discontinue the flavor due to slow sales and the intricacies of its production... I know it held a place in some of your hearts, and I thank all of you who wrote in asking about it!!

Jamie's Farm Savory Aged Cheddar Granola on Snap Pea Salad, Local Fresh How to Grow Your Food


If you're still looking for a more savory granola, try our Rosemary or Black Truffle.

Thanks so much for all the years of support behind cheddar granola - 'twas an icon! 😆

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