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Article: Behind the Scenes: Chai Streusel

Behind the Scenes: Chai Streusel

Who doesn't love streusel?

Baked onto muffins, loaf breads, crumbles, and the like... it's the sweet, crunchy, crumbly topping that we can't ever seem to get enough of. Inspired, we decided to create a "better-for-you" version by making our very own blend: streusel you can eat for breakfast and beyond!

Our gluten-free streusel is made with a simple blend of organic gluten-free oats, ghee, honey, a touch of brown sugar and sea salt, and just the right amount of chai spice. We use a different piece of equipment than we usually do for usual granola, whipping the ghee in a paddle blender until light and airy—basically like the process of creaming butter and sugar.


DONA x Jamie's Farm Chai Streusel Granola Gluten-Free Organic Baked with Ghee

We bake it low and slow until the streusel is perfectly baked to a more soft, subtle crunch— a perfect pairing with our delicately crunchy & wholesome granola.

Chai Streusel Granola | Jamie's Farm x DONA


If you could, would you eat a whole bag of just the streusel itself?

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Yes I’d use the streusel for my baking. No thinking on my part. Gluten free yumminess ready to go

Ann Bell

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