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Article: Introducing: Back-to-school Series

Introducing: Back-to-school Series

In honor of back-to-school, we crafted (1) nostalgic childhood classic + (1) adult pick-me-up! The perfect after-school snack for both adults + kiddos alike.

Our Small Batch Club Members were the first to receive our back-to-school flavors earlier this month!

PB & J with Raspberries.

Ah, yes. We all know the flavors of a good 'ole PB & J. But have you had one with raspberries? 

This flavor is baked with creamy organic peanut butter, crushed peanuts, and gf oat "toast" bits. Upon first bite, you get plenty of peanut-y flavor, then a bright, sweet finish from a touch of freeze-dried raspberry dust and chewy, jammy red raspberries.

PB & J Granola with Raspberries from Jamie's Farm New York

Coffee Soil Crunch with Crispy Chocolate Pearls

The best coffee granola starts with great beans, from our friends @partnerscoffee. We use El Ramo, a single origin coffee from Colombia with a creamy flavor profile with notes of peach, fresh cream, and vanilla; the perfect compliment to our ghee and honey base. Then, we sprinkle in some "soil": light and airy crispy quinoa puffs coated in 70% dark chocolate!

All proceeds from Coffee Granola go to local non-profit, City Growers to support farm-based education for urban youth through workshops, after school field trips, and experiential learning.

Coffee Granola - Jamie's Farm x Partners Coffee x City Growers

Get your seasonal flavors now~! 

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