Granola in Support of Education

Since day one, we've always believed in embedding ourselves within the community in which we live. In honor of Back-to-School, we're celebrating with an online-only, small-batch Coffee Granola collab with Partners Coffee. One hundred percent of proceeds from the Coffee Granola will be donated to City Growers to support their mission in teaching city kids about food, how it's grown, why it matters, and how they can change the world.

City Growers is an educational nonprofit that uses urban agriculture to engage youth in experiential learning, nurturing a lifelong relationship to food, their health, and the natural world. Their original curriculum design uses innovative and nontraditional growing spaces to demonstrate to young people what is possible in a city. This includes hands-on farm workshops at Brooklyn Grange rooftop farms, summer camps, school garden residencies, after school programs, summer internships, and ecology workshops.

In June, the Jamie's Farm team went to City Grower's Annual Benefit and got to tour the beautiful Brooklyn Grange farm in Sunset Park, NY - AKA the kids' learning environment!

Jamie and Angie from Jamie's Farm at Brooklyn Grange for City Growers Annual Benefit

At Jamie's Farm, we're a strong believer that knowing where your food comes from makes a huge impact, and that starting that education at a young age can lead to an even brighter future. We're excited to be supporting the leaders of tomorrow!

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