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Article: Our Small Business Timeline! 2016-2022

Our Small Business Timeline! 2016-2022

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Today, we're pulling back the curtain and sharing a peek at what it means to be a small business. We put together a little round up of the past 5+ years of ideation, messing up, rebranding, and all the patience along the way.

Business Timeline - Jamie's Farm

Timeline of Jamie's Farm

Timeline of Jamie's Farm 

All this is to say...We couldn't do this without your support! 

I gave you the quick summary, but as you can imagine, there were many more details among the harder days where I questioned what we were doing, and whether I wanted to continue moving forward. It's your orders and your messages that truly keep us going each day.

And not only are you supporting 'small' when you support Jamie's Farm, but you're also supporting the many artisan partners and farmers that we have partnered with along our journey.

From the bottom of our hearts...THANK YOU for supporting a small business! 

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This is a suggestion for Jamie, not a review for posting. I’m a longtime big fan of your granola, especially the sweet potato. I also enjoy granola bars yet it’s hard to find really good ones with quality ingredients. I bet that you could sell a lot of granola bars if you started with one (Gingerbread Pecan granola Bar) That has the following ingredients:
Your rolled oats, roasted pecans, Pecan butter, your ghee butter, finely Diced Crystalized Ginger (You could use ground ginger to keep the sugar content lower), organic blackstrap molassas, Dark Muscovado Sugar, Organic Cinnamon, touch of salt. Happy Holidays to you and your team!

Michael Whitehead

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