Supplier Spotlight: Stonybrook Wholehearted Foods

You might have seen the heirloom pumpkin seeds in our mix: larger than your typical pumpkin seed, dark green, and full of nutty, leathery flavor. 

Beekman 1802 Rose Cardamom Granola from Jamie's Farm New York | QVC

These are pumpkin seeds sourced from our friends at Stonybrook Wholehearted Foods. About 90% of the pumpkin seed supply in the US is actually imported from China. Not only are our heirloom pumpkin seeds 100% US-grown, but our friends at Stonybrook upcycle the squash seeds from squash farmers across New York State, who would otherwise throw these delicious seeds out! 

These pumpkin seeds are mighty - they're nutrient dense, slowly and gently roasted to preserve iron, potassium, and much more.

Martin Farms in Brockport, New York, provides all of our squash and pumpkin seed used in their heirloom pumpkin seeds. The seeds are non-GMO and are not treated with any chemicals or preservatives after being separated from the squash.

Stonybrook Wholehearted Foods | Geneva, New York | Pumpkin seeds Domestically Grown

Heirloom Pumpkin Seeds from Stonybrook Wholehearted Foods, Geneva, New York | Jamie's Farm New York

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