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Lemon Verbena with Blueberries

Sale price$16.00

The zesty, sweet scent of the lemon verbena brightens the rich base of our ghee and honey baked granola. Tossed with freeze-dried blueberries for a fruity crunch, each bite of this luxurious granola offers layers of flavor. Elegant, bright, and fruity.


Lemon Verbena with Blueberries
Lemon Verbena with Blueberries Sale price$16.00

Nuance in every bite.

We intentionally craft our granolas with layers of flavor. The subtlety of the lemon verbena adds a depth to the granola, bringing in a bright and rich flavor to every single bite.

Ghee Butter, Honey, and Organic Gluten-Free Oats - Organic and Gluten-Free Granola

Baked with ghee.

This granola is uniquely baked with ghee, a lactose-free clarified butter that's high in Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamins—it's a higher quality fat that makes ours tastier and more luxurious than the rest.

Why is Jamie's Farm Granola Better?

Jamie's Farm Granola - Best Granola Recipe baked with ghee, gluten-free, low sugar healthy granola, breakfast

Tons of Flavor, Low Sugar

We thoughtfully craft our recipes to create tons of flavor without relying on excess sugars.

Perfect Texture

Our granola is delicately crunchy and light, not hard. Perfect for enhancing all your dishes.

Baked with Ghee

The first and only granola brand to be baked with ghee.

Highest Quality Ingredients

We go the extra mile to source the highest quality, wholesome and sustainable ingredients.