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Jamie's Award-Winning Duo

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This unstoppable duo won two Silver sofi Awards, a Gold sofi Award, and was a Good Food Awards Finalist.

These flavors competed in blind tasting competitions with professional chefs, restauranteurs, food critics, etc. as judges with nearly 2,000 product entries. Think of it as the Oscars of the food industry.

Jamie's Award-Winning Duo
Jamie's Award-Winning Duo Sale price$22.00
Jamie's Award-Winning Duo

Meet our award-winners.

In 2020 and 2021, our Vanilla Bean and Rosemary Currant Granolas competed in a blind tasting competition amongst 2,000+ product entries with professional chefs, restauranteurs, and food critics as judges. They were also judged on responsible business and sourcing practices.

Ghee Butter, Honey, and Organic Gluten-Free Oats - Organic and Gluten-Free Granola

Quality ingredients you can trust.

Our granolas are uniquely baked with grass-fed ghee, a lactose-free clarified butter high in Omega-3s and Vitamins. This better butter also makes for a rich luxurious flavor profile.

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