Everyone deserves to eat better food, everyday.

Jamie's Farm is here to provide daily moments of inspiration. We make honest and crunchy granolas for your pantry, setting you up with recipes along with tips and tricks you need to add sophistication to your everyday dishes. Eating well makes life better.
At Jamie's Farm, we set out to revive the ordinary granola using better ingredients. 
Our promise to you, is to never compromise the integrity of our products. We get out of bed to source our ingredients from the partners we want to work with, to add a touch of extraordinary to the ordinary, and to inspire us all to lead better lives— all that, through the humblest form of granola.
Enjoy our award-winning granola, curated in alignment with the farm-to-table movement. Our granola is free of preservatives, refined oils, GMOS, our ghee is free from antibiotics, hormones, and naturally and humanely sourced from regional farmers and fair trade cooperatives, celebrating community and the future of the slow food movement.
I hope you enjoy,