Jamie's Farm Supports Local Farmers

Raaka Chocolate in Brooklyn, NY crafts all their chocolate from scratch, using unroasted cacao beans to capture the brighter, bolder, and fruitier side of cacao. In this flavor, their signature 71% chocolate is the star of the show! We bake our delicately crunchy granola with ghee and honey for a luxurious flavor profile. Then, as the granola finishes baking, we add chocolate straight to the sheet pans, where it melts and coats every toasted oat—all to preserve the wondrous, complex flavors of their unroasted cacao.

This single origin cacao is grown sustainably on Reserva Zorzal, a farm, fermentary and bird sanctuary in Domenican Republic.

Savor this granola, coated in Raaka's chocolate with its bold initial bite, winding through earthy and complex flavors with berries and dark fruit, and holding onto a smooth finish.