Coffee Soil Crunch - Proceeds to City Growers


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The perfect coffee granola.

It all starts with great beans, roasted by our friends at Partners Coffee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We use El Ramo, a single origin coffee from Colombia with a creamy flavor profile with notes of peach, fresh cream, and vanilla; the perfect compliment to our ghee and honey base. Then, we sprinkle in some "soil": light and airy crispy quinoa puffs coated in 70% dark chocolate!

Better yet? 100% of proceeds* from this granola will go towards City Growers, an educational non-profit that uses urban agriculture to engage youth in experiential learning, nurturing a lifelong relationship to food, their health, and the natural world. Their original curriculum design uses innovative growing spaces to demonstrate to young people what is possible in a city.

Select your donation amount for (1) 8oz bag of granola.

*Proceeds after costs of materials, shipping, labor, and overhead related to this product. The more you donate, the more that goes to City Growers. Thank you for your support! :)

organic gluten-free oats, grass-fed ghee (clarified butter), local honey, organic coconut chips, organic brown sugar, heirloom pumpkin seeds, 70% chocolate (organic cacao bean, organic coconut sugar, sea salt), organic quinoa puffs, coffee, sea salt

Contains: dairy and coconut.

Made with care, we bake our granola with coffee-infused ghee, which we let steep overnight. We then add a touch of finely ground espresso powder for an aromatic bite.

Why Coffee *Soil* Crunch? Because spent coffee grounds make a wonderful addition to compost! Coffee grounds contain several essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus — all of which make using coffee grounds for plant fertilizer a great idea.

Sprinkle coffee grounds in a thin layer onto your soil to use as a fertilizer. 

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