Wellness Flavors of 2022: Winter Citrus

New year, new us! The time when we set our goals with motivation at an all-time high, and we heavily invest in our wellness routines.

Citrus fruits are at their peak at this time of the year— with plenty of Vitamin C, we chose to highlight these delightful vibrant fruits in our two latest flavors. Dig into our wholesome indulgence.

Cloud Forest Cardamom Lemon Jam

This delightfully fragrant granola is filled with the unique combination of floral, zingy cardamom and bright lemon. We bake our luscious granola with grass-fed ghee, honey, and flecks of ground cardamom grown in the Cloud Forest of Guatemala. We then add pieces of chewy, candied lemon peel to add a perfectly vibrant, citrusy finish.

Cardamom Lemon Jam Granola | Jamie's Farm New York x Burlap & Barrel Collaboration Ethically Sourced Spices

Clementine Pistachio Sesame

In high school, I had a good friend who had a healthy, boundless enthusiasm for clementines. She could eat 10 every day and not grow tired of them. 

Upon graduating high school, I made granola, our favorite snack, for 3 of my closest friends in each of their personality-defining flavors. Thinking of my friend Caroline, I said Clementine in a split second.

But how do you create a clementine flavor that's inventive, and not solely reliant on adding clementine zest or oil to the entire granola mix? I knew that I had to preserve the integrity of the clementines - an unmistakable, absolute knowing that clementines were present.

Jamie's Farm New York Clementine Slices Chip | Winter Wellness Granola

I peeled clementines and removed the pith from each of the segments to remove the bitter flavor. Then, painstakingly, I sliced each of them as thinly as I possibly could with a paring knife, and laid them out on a baking sheet. I gently dehydrated them, and came up with my most brilliant and detail-oriented creation: crunchy clementine chips, packed full of citrus & honeyed flavor.

It's been 7 years since I've last done this. I could've never imagined that I'd make this for strangers across the country, but here we are. And that's the origin of this flavor.

Introducing Clementine Pistachio

This granola combines the bright honeyed flavors of winter clementines with the buttery and nutty notes of sesame and pistachio. Our most ambitious flavor yet, we dehydrate our clementine segments until perfectly crisp so you get the most concentrated flavor of clementine there ever was. Tossed with honey-toasted pistachios, this flavor hits all the notes of nutty, citrus, and sweet in every bite.

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